The Reality  Code Platform

For far too long, creators have been at a disadvantage. The value of digital assets has been constrained by institutional and often monopolistic barriers, as well as a lack of tools and market accessibility to help level the field.

Today, advances in blockchain technology are running smack into a rapidly evolving media landscape and creating a unique opportunity and environment to enable and energize a true digital asset economy.

Understanding this present, the Reality Code Public Benefit Corporation has brought together a carefully selected and leading group of innovative creators and companies to create a global alliance (the “Reality Code Alliance”) to support the development of an efficient, decentralized and secure distributed ledger platform (the “Reality Code Platform”) to tokenize digital assets for their protection, management and trading.

The digital asset management market was valued at $1.2B in 2018, and it is expected to reach a value of $6.9B by 2024.

The Reality Code Public Benefit Corporation has developed the world’s first trustable industry platform — secured, scalable, with an ecosystem of key actors’ input and participation, now a reality with recent advances in distributed ledger technology.

The goal of the Reality Code Platform is to be the definitive digital asset economy Distributed Ledger, offering specific features designed to facilitate:

Digital Asset Management

the transformation of content and projects into tokenized assets, registered in an immutable industry ledger. Participants have total control and protection over their IP while clearly documenting the ownership, royalties and agreements associated with each asset/project.

Contract Management

the simplification, documentation and management of the agreements and relations between actors through smart contracts associated with each asset/ project.

Business Management

the clear and automatic tokenized mechanisms that instantly distribute payments and royalties as defined in the business rules, managed by a private wallet and a performance dashboard with KPIs associated to each asset/project.