When registering an asset in the Reality Code platform, it is tokenized and creates what we call APT’s (Asset Project Tokens). These APTs give property to the owner (s). A total of 100 APTs can be distributed among an unlimited number of owners. You can assign new APT owners from the “New Owner” section. You must enter the recipient’s email and the number of APTs you want to assign. Each time you enter a recipient, it is added to a list that appears below which you can confirm or delete before finally assigning the tokens. It is extremely important! Once an APT is assigned and confirmed to a new owner, this action cannot be modified or undone and is recorded in the asset’s history.

If the APT assignment is wrong, either in its quantity or in its recipient, the only way to modify the error is through a return or transfer of tokens by the recipient.

At the same time, a unique code is created as the public address corresponding to your wallet, which is unique and unrepeatable, and it’s where your assigned APTs will reside.

The terms and conditions of use of each APTs may be subject to certain business rules that are specified in that section.

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In this section you are able to incorporate all the details related to your Asset, Project or Idea, from the full description to the type of idea or asset as well as links to the specific asset.

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In this section you are able to Business define a list of statements that tell whether there are certain criterias and/or conditions of use, sell, trade or distribute your idea, project or asset.

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In this section you are able to map the document that represents your idea, project or asset and based on its metadata create a unique identifier (just like a DNA).

There are two ways of scanning and mapping the asset:

  1. Via Web: If our file size is less than XX Mb, just drag and drop the file and it will be scanned and mapped.
  2. Through the RC encrypting tool: If your file is greater than XXMb, download and install the tool in you pc, browse and select the files that represent your idea, project or asset and the tool will create the unique identifier.
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In this section you are able to include the certification data if you already have listed or certified your idea, project or asset with any certification entity, platform or government organization.

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