The creations of the human intellect can be protected through Intellectual Property. This is a regulation that encompasses the rights of creators and authors. Through said regulation, it is possible to protect, organize and defend against third parties.

Through intellectual property, individuals and groups around the world are able to identify, register and protect their works.

In RC you can register an intellectual property as well as any asset that can be digitized and you want to leave the record of its creation and originality

Registering any digital asset creates a unique and unrepeatable HASH code protected on the blockchain. In this way, the asset is “blockchainized¨ and protected in a completely decentralized and unalterable system lasting over time.

Digital assets and projects are represented as ERC/721 compatible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT can be fragmented into Asset Project Tokens (APTs), which represent royalty rights over these same assets.

Ultimately the RC Platform’s token economy is intended to achieve the following outcomes:

– Support all transactions with a stablecoin to avoid speculation and provide transparency.

– Digitize the ownership of the assets and their royalty distribution.

– Create self-sustainability and encourage specific behaviors on the Platform.

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Once the Digital Assets are published in the Reality Code Platform, they will be ready to be sold, distributed and/or traded in a unique and open marketplace which will be developed within the platform.

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The Reality Code Platform represents the first industry adopted distributed ledger to register and manage digital projects, assets and agreements among all the actors.

This has only become possible with the absolute transparency and democratic governance needed with recent advances in blockchain technology.

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Reality Code relies on blockchain, a DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology, to provide immutability for the authentication of digital assets and their assigned owner or owners. Owners first register and tokenize assets using the Reality Code platform protocol, which in turn generates a unique HashID with an entry on the blockchain. The entry is immutably coded and validated by a distributed system.

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