IP Recording

Protect your IP by registering your Digital Asset in the Reality Code Platform. Blockchain is an immutable ledger and any modifications and changes can be tracked.

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Once the Digital Assets are published in the Reality Code Platform, they will be ready to be sold, distributed and/or traded in a unique and open marketplace which will be developed within the platform.

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Life Time Value

Register and protect your Digital Asset in an immutable ledger.

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Asset Description

In this section you are able to incorporate all details related to your Asset, Project or Idea, from the full description to the type of idea or asset as well as links to the specific asset.

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Business Rules

In this section you are able to define a list of statements that tell whether there are certain criterias and/or conditions of use, sell, trade or distribute your idea, project or asset.

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Asset Ownership

In this section you are able to divide the ownership (and corresponding royalties/benefits) into a specific amount of APTs that represent the total aggregate ownership

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Any project or idea that is registered and published in the Reality Code Platform, will be able to access our funding tools. Investors interested in funding ideas or projects will access the Platform and connect with companies and creators and their assets, fund them in a variety of ways using efficient and clear agreements and relationships regulated by smart contracts created and managed by asset creators/owners.

Scan and Map

Creators can map the document that contains an idea, project or asset. Based on the file’s metadata, we create a unique identifier of the file, not unlike its DNA. There are two ways of scanning and mapping the asset:

  • Via Web: If our file size is less than 10 Mb, just drag and drop the file and it will be scanned and mapped.
  • Through the RC encrypting tool: If your file is greater than 10Mb, download and install the tool in you pc, browse and select the files that represent your idea, project or asset and the tool will create the unique identifier.
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RLT Wallet

The Reality Token wallet is independent from the Reality Code Platform. It works with its native Reality Token (RLT), which can be currently purchased using USD and Euros. Future versions will support BTC and ETH. The RLT wallet works just like any other crypto wallet storing a private and a public key to enable users to buy, send, receive, cash out and monitor balance of RLTs.

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Creating an account on Reality Code is free. Registering an Asset on Reality Code is free. Publishing your asset (making it available for search and transactions) has a minimum charge.

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The Reality Code Platform represents the first industry adopted distributed ledger to register and manage digital projects, assets and agreements among all the actors. This has only become possible with the absolute transparency and democratic governance of recent advances in blockchain technology.

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