When a digital asset is registered on the Reality Code platform, it is tokenized and creates a code which is unique, unrepeatable and unalterable that assigns value to the asset over time and forever.

The asset can be corrected and modified as many times as required, but each time that happens it will be recorded in its history by updating its versions.

The asset history is the most important record as it reflects any type of change that is made. It cannot be altered or erased even by the owner. Everything is recorded.

Unlike centralized registers of intellectual property, trademarks and patents, Reality Code is a completely decentralized system that can be consulted by anyone. Assets that are published privately can only be viewed by people who are authorized by the owner (s). Assets that are registered as “public” can be viewed by anyone who enters the Reality Code library.

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The Reality Token wallet, although independent from the Reality Code Platform, it works only with Reality Tokens (RLT). Regardless, it works just like any other cryptocurrency wallet storing a private and a public key to enable users to buy, send, receive, cash out and monitor balance of RLTs.

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This refers to the economy where digital assets are being transacted. As in a regular digital economy where all transactions are done through Internet, by bringing Digital Assets to a unique and transparent digital marketplace like the Reality Code Platform, creates a Digital Asset Economy

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Any project or idea that is registered and published in the Reality Code Platform, will be able to ask for funds in order to be developed into a Digital Asset. Investors interested in funding ideas or projects, will be able to access the Platform and connect with companies and creators and their assets, using efficient and clear agreements and relationships regulated by smart contracts.