Reality Code Alliance

The Reality Code Alliance is an industry consortium committed to the broad adoption and promotion of the digital asset Economy.

This is a global collaboration to create and share best practices, supporting research and development initiatives, and adopt an Reality Code open technology and common industry standard to manage digital assets.

Initial members of twenty plus companies have been highly curated and vetted to become the foundational ensemble.

The selection criteria reflects the companies’/institutions’ recognized status in the industry, their level of influence, their approach towards innovation, as well as other metrics such as revenue, geography, capital support and potential for growth.

These companies were the ‘testers’ for the common standard to be adopted and key members to support the development and design of the full solution.

A mix of talent, industry diversity, business maturity and types of technology developed were sought to create this foundational group.

It was also important to have a manageable and reasonable number of voices for feedback to help define the high-level vision as much as the specific features of the Platform and project roadmap.

In upcoming versions of the platform, the acceptance criteria will be expanded and defined by consensus to ensure all industries are represented and every active industry actor, no matter its size, can take advantage of the benefits and inherent fairness of the Platform.

Membership will always retain a measure of selectivity in order to assure the quality of the ecosystem. Two Alliance member recommendations will be necessary for every newly considered member. The approval is run by consensus, and every recommendation is registered on the public ledger