RLT (Reality Tokens) wallet is a digital wallet to manage your Reality Tokens. Just like you need an email address to manage your online communication, you need a RLT wallet to manage your tokens.

RLT wallet has two keys, a public and a private key. Your public key is also called a receive address and you send it to people to receive RLT. A private key gives you full rights and full access to your wallet. It is extremely important that only you have access to your private key and that you don’t share this with anyone. This is the key to your wallet, similar to a password to your email account. But with a really huge difference. If you forget your password, you cannot recover or reset your password. Remember you are working with blockchain. Be sure to save your password.

RLT wallet is completely independent from the Reality Code Platform and it works only with Reality Tokens (RLT). You can store a private and a public key to enable users to buy, send, receive, cash out and monitor the balance of RLTs.

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This refers to the economy where digital assets are being transacted. As in a regular digital economy where all transactions are done through Internet, by bringing Digital Assets to a unique and transparent digital marketplace like the Reality Code Platform, creates a Digital Asset Economy

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Any project or idea that is registered and published in the Reality Code Platform, will be able to ask for funds in order to be developed into a Digital Asset. Investors interested in funding ideas or projects, will be able to access the Platform and connect with companies and creators and their assets, using efficient and clear agreements and relationships regulated by smart contracts.

Register and protect your digital asset forever in an immutable ledger.

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