In the same way that our DNA stores long-term information safely and gives us unique coding through our genetic code to each of us as human beings, the scan and map code does it with your digital assets.

When you register an asset that has physical documents that support and verify its legitimacy, in this section you must scan them to generate a record and create a unique identification code. This code represents every detail of the document giving it identity and representation.

This record is the physical proof of the legitimacy of your asset and is immutable and cannot be modified even by the owner.

  • There are two ways of scanning and mapping the asset:

    • Via Web: If our file size is less than 50Mb, just drag and drop the file and it will be scanned and mapped.
    • Through the RC encrypting tool: If your file is greater than 50Mb, download and install the tool in your pc, browse and select the files that represent your idea, project, or asset and the tool will create the unique identifier.

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In this section you are able to divide the ownership (and corresponding royalties/benefits) into a specific amount of APTs that represent the total aggregate ownership

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In this section you are able to Business define a list of statements that tell whether there are certain criterias and/or conditions of use, sell, trade or distribute your idea, project or asset.

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In this section you are able to include the certification data if you already have listed or certified your idea, project or asset with any certification entity, platform or government organization.

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In this section you are able to incorporate all the details related to your Asset, Project or Idea, from the full description to the type of idea or asset as well as links to the specific asset.

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