When we talk about trading, technically we refer to the activity of negotiating and / or speculating in the financial markets with the aim of achieving benefits or profits. How? With the purchase or sale of financial assets of different types, from shares, through currencies, raw materials, to cryptocurrencies or tokens, among others.

When a digital asset is registered in the Reality Code Platform, APT’s (Asset Project Tokens) are created and assigned, that give value and commercialization to the asset.

From the RC platform in the ¨Asset Ownership¨ section, you can manage and distribute a total of 100 APTs divided by the number of owners you want, with no limit. Once the corresponding APT quantity has been submitted, this action cannot be changed or undone. This management may be subject to conditions specified directly in the Business Rules.

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When you register your Digital Asset in the Reality Code Platform, it is protected and the changes can be tracked and traced given the immutability nature of blockchain.

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The Reality Code Platform represents the first industry adopted distributed ledger to register and manage digital projects, assets and agreements among all the actors.

This has only become possible with the absolute transparency and democratic governance needed with recent advances in blockchain technology.

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Reality Code relies on blockchain, a DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology, to provide immutability for the authentication of digital assets and their assigned owner or owners. Owners first register and tokenize assets using the Reality Code platform protocol, which in turn generates a unique HashID with an entry on the blockchain. The entry is immutably coded and validated by a distributed system.

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